Bootleg speaks out the attitude of “who is original and who I am”
The selling point is creativity, topic, and controversy. 
On a certain level, Bootleg is a driving force to make exchange among different culture groups.  

【名畫系列】l'ultima cena_最後的晚餐_(B)

In 2015, MF made its mark from Amsterdam. One can observe from the design of MF that the founders and current creative directors from major luxury brands have taken off the usually icy cold shells, recreating their brand logos with various difficult yoga movements and fancy antics. Familiar but strange at the same time, the visual impact is full of fun, and people can’t help but be attracted to it.

We desired to amplify the story between the brand background and the designer with an artistic expression of fun. Our recent works combine several brands and new designers, such as Louis Vuitton x Virgil Abloh, Gucci x Alessandro Michele., Dior x Kim Jones. This is a trend that will catch people’s eyes.

As we combine Luxury, Art and Street Brand through our creativity and products, the rising of the High Street culture will not be ignored.

We saw the possibility that creative images could be turned into actual products when the Louis Vuitton x Supreme collaboration came out. MF invited Adrianne Ho to shoot a look book, and set foot in our most ideal department store K11 as a fresh start.Our determinations to the brand, the layouts planned from the very beginning, until now being embraced by the market are not merely flashes in the pan.

It took MF five years, starting from scratch, to gain global exposure for our first product. We were not rushing into the social media world, instead we dipped our toe into the markets, trying to create some discussion among on this new concept.

We have always been proud of creating high-quality products like working on an art piece. Only by touring around, will there be a true dialogue between the customers and MF. Of course, there are marketing strategy considerations. Limited items trigger people’s desire of collecting them.

MF brings various artists across the communities together and build a brand new platform.We featured various artists all over the world, aiming to spur up more inspirations and ideas with different creative ways.

MF has successfully carried out many events and pop-up stores at several well-known malls and department stores. With all the achievements made, MF has embarked on a new plan, branching out not only to greater Asia market, like Japan and Korea, and even New York.

MF has evolved from a designer brand to a true lifestyle brand. It also has introduced accessories and daily single items, showcasing a whole new attitude of life. 

MF is a statement, where spells out the new concept of blending street fashion with high fashion, and brings fashion to a next level. Through high-quality production, great marketing strategy and on-point media exposure, Eric aspires to bring customers visual impacts that they have never experienced before.

MF will embark on a new journey of novel visual graphics and we invite you to be part of our story.

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